New Neon 360

The neon 360 ° is a product developed to radiate light in 360 °. Keeps the same benefits LED neon flex adding the above mentioned. Some of the benefits of both products mentioned below.

  • Fully Flexible allowing ease of design and placement.
  • Can be bent at any angle, using just your hands, which gives great progress on the complex production methods neon.
  • Life 100.000hs (about. 10 years old), more than triple the neon tubes which hold about 15000hs (about. 3 years old). Sensing a profit of 7 years old.
  • Low maintenance expense, for their long life.
  • Nearly Indestructible.
  • Consume 1/10 Energy Consumption of a glass tube Neon, with corresponding savings described in the box above.
  • Between 70 – 80 % Power Saving.
  • No heat, because it gives decrease in cost of cooling the environment.
  • Freezing temperatures do not affect its operation.
  • Low Voltage, Giving Great Savings in energy costs.
  • Base for easy installation.
  • Quick Assembly, Easy to splice and obtaining freedom for design.
  • Less damage to walls.
  • Operability 12 / 24.
  • Transportable, products almost indestructible, by giving it the ability to carry it anyway.
  • Unique Design Double PVC jacket.
  • Nuevo Ultra Bright LEDs.
  • Almost any electrical circuit required for installation, enabling significant savings in costs of connection and voltage transformers.