's Save money and Care for the Environment

LED Neon Flex

What is LED Neon Flex? This innovative product that is still unknown to a large number of people, is a recently patented revolutionary product, that is the real replacement tubes traditional glass neon is that due to their fragility and manuals necessary crafts and present major problems for installers and high maintenance costs.

The Led Flexible Neon is designed under the guidelines of energy efficient, with a long life and a very simple installation. Which leaves the fragile obsolete neon tubes,otorgando

lower installation cost and zero maintenance costs for years.

In Argentina LNF we proudly present our patented LED Neon Flex all versions, Professional, More, Ultra thin and RGB. All with a range of accessories that simplify assembly and design for cualqui

er decorative application.

Incredible benefits separate it from the old neon tubes:

  • You can bend and shape just cut his hand and realize their designs and ideas.
  • Lower consumption in lighting, LED Efficiency.
  • Long life.
  • Free of mercury and other gases (Caring for the environment)
  • High impact resistant
  • Available in low voltage application versatility

Money's save energy and take care

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