Tunning con Led Neon Flexible

Some advantages that position it as the best choice compared to other light sources:

  • Low power consumption. Allows use for a long time with the engine off, reinforce without battery.
  • Resistant to vibration and shock. A very important for applications under low body.
  • Water resistant and UV rays.
  • Maintenance free. It is usually installed in the safest way possible, to avoid, the robos just that caigan. For this, disarmament is not pleasant for maintenance or replacement of a stretch.
  • Long life. To 100.000 hs.
  • Easy installation. Going into the video section of our website you can see how simple it is the placement, underbody including.

Here are some pictures of our clients.

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Led Neon flex in all colors

Dear customers, Friday 22 March stock will replace all colors, are waiting to meet you in our showroom!


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Did you know ...

Envio gratis para clientes premium, VIP o si tu compra supera los $700 (Válido para Capital y Gran Buenos Aires)

If your purchase exceeds $700 bonificamos you ship to Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires!
For customers PREMIUM AND VIP delivery to Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires is free!

Aceptamos tarjetas de credito y debito a través de internet de la forma más segura posible

You can pay by credit card over the Internet in the most secure!

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Led, the only future lighting source

Inevitably notice some of the environmental problems that are plaguing our planet,air pollution, coastal erosion, deforestation, etc. Many of these are caused by our need incremental energy and current means of generating, oil extraction, perforations and often nuclear energy efficient derrames.La, when contained, but the radioactive waste to be stored somewhere. The thermal energy is not yet exploited. The wind and solar progress but not fast necesario.Hasta get a green solution, is in each of us change our lifestyle to protect our land, our lives and that of our children.

Money's save energy and take care

For starters we can concentrate on the simplest, energy. We all work or live in places with incandescent lighting, Halogen, the fluorescent. These energy sources have much energy loss, many of them because of the heat emission. All these sources have a limited life, thus we must also consider contamination discarded, which in the case of very large tubes.

With LED lifetime is achieved 10 times greater than the sources mentioned, are smaller and contain no polluting gases. Instead of a filament light LEDs created by the movement of the electricity semiconductor.La THROUGH the energy required for this is a fraction of that required for other sources.

The LED lighting is not only energy savings but also a very attractive lighting and decor.

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's Save money and Care for the Environment

LED Neon Flex

What is LED Neon Flex? This innovative product that is still unknown to a large number of people, is a recently patented revolutionary product, that is the real replacement tubes traditional glass neon is that due to their fragility and manuals necessary crafts and present major problems for installers and high maintenance costs.

The Led Flexible Neon is designed under the guidelines of energy efficient, with a long life and a very simple installation. Which leaves the fragile obsolete neon tubes,otorgando

lower installation cost and zero maintenance costs for years.

In Argentina LNF we proudly present our patented LED Neon Flex all versions, Professional, More, Ultra thin and RGB. All with a range of accessories that simplify assembly and design for cualqui

er decorative application.

Incredible benefits separate it from the old neon tubes:

  • You can bend and shape just cut his hand and realize their designs and ideas.
  • Lower consumption in lighting, LED Efficiency.
  • Long life.
  • Free of mercury and other gases (Caring for the environment)
  • High impact resistant
  • Available in low voltage application versatility

Money's save energy and take care

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New NeOn 360 °

The neon 360 ° is a product developed to radiate light in 360 °. Save them led neon flex benefits mentioned adding.

Some of the benefits of both products mentioned below.

  • Totally Flexible allowing design and ease in placement.
  • Can be bent at any angle, using just your hands, which gives great progress on the complex production methods neon.
  • Life 100.000hs (aprox. 10 años), more than triple the neon tubes which hold about 15000hs (aprox. 3 años). Senabouta profit of 7 años.years old
  • Low maintenance expense, for their long life.
  • Nearly Indestructible.
  • Consume 1/10 Energy Consumption of a glass tube Neon, with corresponding savings described in the box above.
  • Between 70 – 80 % Power Saving.
  • No heat,because it provides cost reduction in cooling the atmosphere.
  • Freezing temperatures do not affect its operation.
  • Low Voltage, Giving Great Savings in energy costs.
  • Base for easy installation.
  • Quick Assembly, Easy to splice and obtaining freedom for design.
  • Less damage to walls.
  • Operability 12 / 24.
  • Transportable, products almost indestructible, by giving it the ability to carry it anyway.
  • Unique Design Double PVC jacket.
  • Nuevo Ultra Bright LEDs.
  • Almost any electrical circuit required for installation, enabling significant savings in costs of connection and voltage transformers.
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Why Use Led Neon Flex over other lighting sources?


All our products are manufactured with long life LEDs, above 100.000 hours, UV resistant, temperatures, etc.

The particular LED Neon Flex has a double layer of PVC which gives extra protection, Vibration inclusive, knocking, transit, water and other mistreatment. This makes it ideal for applications such as tunning, outdoor decorations, etc.


Built with super-flexible material, radios that let you create up 4 cm. The installation is very simple and molding can create corners, curves, letters, logos and any other application which highlighted the glass neon tubes, but unlike this installation requires no special tools or knowledge. Only be cut by cutting their brands with scissors, cuter o alicate, fastening guides fix, put terminals and ready!

Led Neon Flex


Unlike glass neon tubes that operate at high voltages as 15.000 Was, Led Neon Flex operates secure tensions 12 the 24 was, making it possible to install it in applications submerged.

Another advantage is the low heat emission, allowing the reach of children, or even on the floor, in transit zone.


At very low temperatures dissipate, energy efficiency is greatly superior.

High brightness and directionality OPTIMAL

Consisting of a strip of LEDs spaced a given measure, question of providing a sense of uniformity to the eye. In turn the LED encapsulation is designed to radiate light with high brightness and in the right direction, thus obtaining the best possible performance, without wasting energy.

Transportable and very simple to install

Led neon comes in rolls, according to the required length, where substantially reduces its size, facilitating the transport. Reduce travel costs considerably, offering the possibility of removing a temporary facility to place it elsewhere.

Its simple installation reduces labor costs. Compared with the traditional neon, requires no special equipment, or knowledge. In addition, installation does not imply any electrical risk, operates at voltages as safe.


Maintenance free! Should there be any faults past their average life, only attenuated 5 Led Neon cms, can replace performing a simple splice.


Installing and / or replacing with LED NEON FLEX get all these benefits and more!!

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Led Neon Flex NEW Ultrafine

Introducing the new ultra-thin LED Neon Flex, Ideal for small applications with greater flexibility, and best of all, maintains the virtues of the medium, including its luminosity. I hope to meet you in our showroom!!


  • Measures: 10 x 27 mm
  • 100% unbreakable
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Tension safe 12/24Volt.
  • Very low dissipation of heat.
  • Long life.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Easy installation.
  • Super flexible.
  • Consume 10% power than a neon tube.
  • High visibility, even during the daytime.

Soon new photos!

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