We import products from general lighting and decorative lighting based on LED technology. This Technology Committees has given great advantages in consumption levels and brightness in all products. And it has increased approximately five to six times the number of hours of service life and durability compared to traditional lighting sources such as fluorescent tubes, dichroic, incandescent lamps, spots, reflectors, traditional neon tubes, etc.


Because of its low cost, its low power consumption and long life, It is considerably cheaper than traditional lighting sources


It allows for incredible profits ENERGY SAVING, not only in monetary, but also in the care and protection of the environment.


More of 70.000 hs, great progress compared to traditional sources having between 5.000 and 7.000 hs, less than 10% LED technology.

Almost no heat emission

It does not provide significant amounts of heat to the environment, reducing cooling costs, resulting in even more environmentally friendly and safe for people.