Fabricamos e importamos productos a medida en el área de la iluminación general e iluminación decorativa  basada en la tecnología LED.

This Technology Committees has given great advantages in consumption levels and brightness in all products. And has increased approximately five to six times the number of hours of service life and durability over traditional light sources such as fluorescent tubes, dichroic, incandescent lamps, spots, reflectors, traditional neon tubes, etc.

These breakthroughs are enabling the emergence of the concept of Energy Efficient, presenting great benefits for consumers and the environment.

LED technology gives you GREAT BENEFITS:

  • Economic savings in each stage, because of its low cost, the purchase price is less than traditional lighting sources.
  • Its low power consumption allows for incredible benefits in energy saving, not only in monetary, but also in the care and protection of the environment.
  • Long service life, over 70.000 hs, breakthroughs in comparison with traditional sources having between 5.000 and 7.000 hs, less than hs% LED technology. Provides great savings and changes not only in new purchases and investments in lighting, maintenance but also for large decorative structures as billboards, canopies, light sources in height, as for everyday use of these.
  • Its almost no heat emission in turn presents big savings in refrigeration and air conditioning costs of environments.

Led Neon Flex presents to you, your home and your business is not only a source of cost savings and invested resources efficiently, but also adheres to the concept of sustainable development, caring for the environment and improving every aspect of our lives.

“Quality and innovation are the keys to the emergence of our company and our product development”

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