Led, the only future lighting source

Inevitably notice some of the environmental problems that are plaguing our planet, air pollution, coastal erosion, deforestation, etc. Many of these are caused by our need incremental energy and current means of generating, oil extraction, perforations and often nuclear energy efficient derrames.La, when contained, but the radioactive waste to be stored somewhere. The thermal energy is not yet exploited. The wind and solar progress but not fast necesario.Hasta get a green solution, It is in each of us change our lifestyle to protect our land, our lives and that of our children.

Money's save energy and take care

For starters we can concentrate on the simplest, energy. We all work or live in places with incandescent lighting, Halogen, the fluorescent. These energy sources have much energy loss, many of them because of the heat emission. All these sources have a limited life, thus we must also consider contamination discarded, which in the case of very large tubes.

With LED lifetime is achieved 10 times greater than the sources mentioned, are smaller and contain no polluting gases. Instead of a filament light LEDs created by the movement of the electricity semiconductor.La THROUGH the energy required for this is a fraction of that required for other sources.

The LED lighting is not only energy savings but also a very attractive lighting and decor.