Why Use Led Neon Flex over other lighting sources?


All our products are manufactured with long life LEDs, above 100.000 hours, UV resistant, temperatures, etc.

The particular LED Neon Flex has a double layer of PVC which gives extra protection, Vibration inclusive, knocking, transit, water and other mistreatment. This makes it ideal for applications such as tunning, outdoor decorations, etc.


Built with super-flexible material, radios that let you create up 4 cm. The installation is very simple and molding can create corners, curves, letters, logos and any other application which highlighted the glass neon tubes, but unlike this installation requires no special tools or knowledge. Only be cut by cutting their brands with scissors, cuter o alicate, fastening guides fix, put terminals and ready!

Led Neon Flex


Unlike glass neon tubes that operate at high voltages as 15.000 Was, Led Neon Flex operates secure tensions 12 the 24 was, making it possible to install it in applications submerged.

Another advantage is the low heat emission, allowing the reach of children, or even on the floor, in transit zone.


At very low temperatures dissipate, energy efficiency is greatly superior.

High brightness and directionality OPTIMUM

Consisting of a strip of LEDs spaced a given measure, question of providing a sense of uniformity to the eye. In turn, the encapsulation of LEDs is designed to radiate light with high brightness and in the right direction, thus obtaining the best possible performance, without wasting energy.

Transportable and very simple to install

Led neon comes in rolls, according to the required length, where substantially reduces its size, facilitating the transport. Reduces transportation costs considerably, offering the possibility of removing a temporary facility to place it elsewhere.

Its simple installation reduces labor costs. Compared with the traditional neon, requires no special equipment, or knowledge. In addition, installation does not involve any kind of electrical hazard, operates at voltages as safe.


Maintenance free! Should there be any faults past their average life, only attenuated 5 Led Neon cms, can replace performing a simple splice.


Installing and / or replacing with LED NEON FLEX get all these benefits and more!!